2Go Iceland Travel is a registered Tour Operator in Iceland and is an agency authorized by the Icelandic Tourist Board under the legal name 2Go travel ehf with ID number 5506171370.




Please note that Express offers are only valid for a maximum period up to 72 hours. If we do not receive confirmation within this time, "we cannot guarantee that the price will be the same." In the case of adjustments of the same offer, the final price will always correspond to the latest offer sent. 


Tailor made offers, packages or travel itineraries is based on daily availability and prices may change depending on this availability. When 2Go Iceland agent makes an offer by email or phone, we warranty for a limited period the price we quoted, and we assume any cost changes within that time limit only.


This precept is in concordance with our Terms and Conditions but will be never overwriting the legal agreement. 



Payments for confirmed bookings must be received as follows*:


50 percent no later than eight weeks before departure.

Remaining 50 percent no later than three weeks before the first tour or service.


For Express offers, full payment must be deposited as soon as the offer is agreed upon by both parties.


The availability will not be confirmed until it is paid **.



** Applied for all bookings.



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