What's the volcano's name?

Currently, the volcano, or best to say "volcanic eruption" has no name but is well know as Fagradalsfjall or Geldindadalir. Fagradalsfjall is the mountain around the main eruption site, and Geldingadalir is the valley or area where the main eruption started.

Is visiting the volcano dangerous?

Visiting the eruption site is not really dangerous, as soon as we follow the basic guidelines for visiting a field that is always changing, follow the general rules from the authorities, and use common sense. On our private tours, our guides are prepared to deal with unforeseen events, using gas meters to measure the gases, and we also offer gas masks when we are near the glowing lava.

How long is the hike?

Please note that this area is always changing, and time-distance is relative and changes day by day. Our guides will choose the type of hike based on the weather conditions, lava flow activity, and your fitness level. For the Volcano Private Tour: The easy hike of up to 6.2 miles (10 km) will focus on the lava valley exploration. Based on your fitness level, you will be able to hike to the crater viewpoint (weather permitted). The elevation is about 343m (1125 ft). You need to have a basic fitness level. The moderate hike of up to 4.6 miles (7.5 km). This is a short but slightly more challenging hike and requires a better fitness level. The mountain path can be slippery, and walking poles are necessary. This hike covers the viewpoint around the volcano, which gains an elevation of 343m (1125 ft). The longer and more challenging hike of up to 7.4 miles (12 km) combines viewpoint and lava valley exploration. This option is for more active hikers with a good fitness level. In general, the tour is about 3 to 5 hours, depending on the path chosen. Each way can take up to 90 min hiking, adding on the time we spend at the viewpoint or fresh lava fields. Please note that the length and time can change based on the chosen path, considering the weather and lava flow.

Can we see glowing lava or the eruption from the crater?

As the volcanic eruption is a natural phenomenon, we cannot guarantee that we will see glowing lava while on tour. The eruption changes daily, and sometimes it is active, and sometimes there is no visible activity. Imagine this like the Northern Lights Tour; we go to look for them, but we never know how strong or beautiful they will be. Based on the lava flow and conditions on the day of your tour, your guide will decide the best possible route to take. If we have a lot of lava, it will be an easy hike or walk, but if we need to hunt for the lava river or go to the crater viewpoint, it will be more challenging. We recommend following our social media, as we post from the volcano site live videos and photos. You can also check the live cameras here: Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Instagram

How is this tour different from others?

We take very seriously your safety.
When you book with 2Go Iceland Travel, rest assure that you are booking a trustworthy company that values its customers.

On our tours, everything is about the experience and satisfaction.
From the moment you decide to book until you finish the tour, we emphasize in a premium customer service and attention to details. Check the reviews from our customers here:

What's included on the private volcano tour?

  • Private Tour with a dedicated guide only for your party.
  • Snacks and water (Energy bar and energy gel, and water).
  • Gas mask ready when necessary.
  • Walking sticks on request.
  • Our guides use gas meter.
  • A custom and flexible tour.

Do I need insurance for this tour?

Every person traveling to a foreign country for tourism must be insured accordingly, with an insurance company from their home country.
Please check your home insurance-credit card policy or other insurance that may fit your needs while traveling to a foreign country or doing activities with some level of risk.

Can children hike towards the volcano?

The hike can be easy to moderate and many have taken their kids to the site. Parents know their kids the best and evaluate if their kids can and will be willing to hike. For children under 3 years old, a carrier is a must. For older children, we advise taking enough water and snacks for this trip. When we have children on our tours, we focus on the lava field rather than doing a more challenging hike. But of course, if the children are used to doing hikes with their parents, this will not be difficult.

Should I disclose any medical conditions before the tour?

Definitely yes!. If you think a medical condition could influence or risk your health while you are doing this tour, we strongly advise you to disclose it to your travel agent to customize the experience.

When will the eruption stop?

It is impossible to say when the eruption will end. Geologists say the eruption could last for years or even decades, but also that may stop at any time.

Would still worth it to visit the eruption even if it stops?

Of course!. Iceland is very well known for the beautiful lava fields all around the country, and visiting Fragradalsfjall will be a unique experience.
Seeing fresh lava and how the whole valley changes will worth the visit.

When is better to book the tour?

We recommend booking this tour at the beginning of your trip. This is because if we need to change or reschedule due to the weather, you will have more options to change the tour to another day during your stay in the country. This is just a recommendation, not a rule to follow.

Which departure is better?

Morning and afternoon tours: Good for everyone, especially families with children. During the day, more people are on sight. Evening-night tour (7:00 pm): Good for those who want more solitude and exclusiveness during the tour. When the eruption is visible from the crater, the red lava can be seen from the viewpoint, great for night pictures. Usually, finish before midnight. Lava flow when visible is amazing with more darkness. From middle August, potentially northern lights will be visible. * Lava flow is not always visible. Sometimes lava is running under the hard lava, not visible from the surface.
**Weather can potentially affect the tour at any time of the day.

Can I get discounts if we are a group?

Yes. For large groups pver 10 persons please contact us after filling the webform.

How does the Volcano Package work?

Our "Four Elements Package" combines our private volcano tour with the flyover Iceland experience and the new Sky Lagoon Thermal Baths. When you book this package, you get the FlyOver experience for free. We recommend doing the entire package in one day as each one complements the other.

Should I worry about checking the volcano status all the time before the tour?

This is totally up to you, but we are here for that, and we will always let you know about any important change that may influence our tours. We would rather say, if you booked, shill and relax until the tour. We will worry for you!.

Can I book other tours with 2Go Iceland?

Yes, we are a travel agency and we promote more destinations and activities with our private excursions or multiday tours.
If you want to have a better experience during your trip to Iceland and prompt customer service, you can contact us for a tour or package quotation.

How is the private tour?

The Private Volcano Tour: The tour is about 4 to 5 hours total and takes you closer to the crater through Langihryggur, Merardalir, or Geldingadalur. This is a more challenging hike, and we recommend a medium fitness level, as we cover more areas with elevations. With the private tour, it is also possible to upgrade to the evening tour starting at 7:00 pm (extra fee), using headlights and walking poles. During the Northern Lights season from September until April, the evening tour is perfect for enjoying the lava and the beautiful Aurora Borealis (weather dependent). You will have a dedicated private guide only for you on this tour, and no other travelers will be on the same tour.

Can I use a bathroom while on tour?

At the moment there are no facilities near the hiking site or the eruption. Before the tour, we can use the facilities in Grindavik and then going on the hike. There are mobile toilets before the hike, but since these are overuse, we do not recommend using them unless extremely necessary.

Is the tour suitable for pregnant women?

If you are an active person, then you should know what is best for you and how will react your body. We would advise asking your doctor before enrolling on this tour.

Can I have hiking shoes to rent?

We do not rent hiking shoes, but you can use any good waterproof walking shoes for this tour. Preferable will always be standard hiking shoes.

How long will the tour last?

The tour can be between three to five hours. This will be based on your pace, time on sight, and the type of hike we do. It's also based on the lava flow per day and the weather conditions. If at the time of the tour is a very active eruption, and the weather conditions at the top of the hill are not good, we will focus on the lava valley.

Do you cancel the tour based on the weather?

Yes. If we consider that the tour will not meet your expectations, due to low visibility or bad weather conditions we will notify you about the options. If we do cancel the tour and you cannot re-schedule, we will refund you in full. See our terms and conditions here:

What's your cancelation policy?

CANCELLATIONS - DAY TOURS-PRIVATE TOURS If canceled by you prior to departure: Cancelations made 7 days or more before the first tour or service, a fee of 10% of the total paid. Cancelations made between 3 to 6 days before the first tour or service, a fee of 30% of the total paid. Cancelations made between 24 to 72 hours before the tour, a fee of 60% of the total paid. With less than 24 hours' notice, no refund is provided. If canceled by us -after- the final payment due to unforeseen circumstances (weather or unexpected events): You receive a 100% refund of the total paid to us. We will always strive to reschedule to another day free of charge if that would be an option for you.

Do you offer transfers, or should we meet on location?

You will have the option to add on the transfer from Reykjavik or the Keflavik area when filling the booking form.
You also can select to meet on location if you are self-driving.

Can you pick me up at the airport or harbor?

Yes, you can select the pickup option when filling the booking form.
We can pick you up at Keflavik Airport if your tour is scheduled after arrival, and after the tour, we will drop you off at your selected accommodation.
Pick up from the harbor for arriving cruises is also possible.
When filling the form, specify the pickup location, and write in comments the drop of location if it will be in a different place.

Do you have special price for kids?

Yes, we do.
You will see the prices when filling the booking form.

Can I see Northern Lights during the night tours?

From the end of August, the Northern Lights season start in Iceland, and our night tours will be a perfect combination to enjoy this hike to the Volcano and experience the Auroras.
Imagine being so lucky and enjoy both events at once: Lava & Northern Lights.

What should we wear on this tour?

Hiking essentials in Iceland

  • Base Layer: long-sleeved top.
  • Insulating layer: warm sweater.
  • Outer layer: shell coat.
  • Waterproof Pants (the weather can change rapidly).
  • Merino Wool Hat.
  • Merino wool socks.
  • Comfortable Hiking Boots or good walking shoes
  • Lightweight Backpack.

Do we need headlights for the evening-night tours?

We will provide the headlights for the evening-night tours.

What happens if is bad weather and my tour is canceled?

You will be offer to:
1- Reschedule to a new day.
2- Change the time of the tour based on the weather condition.
3-Receive a full refund.

Will we be seeing other people and tours while we walk and at the volcano?

We can always do paths to avoid the crowds and other operators, but understand that this type of hike is more challenging and requires a good stamina level.

What's the eruption status?

11.Sep | Eruption started again after several days without activity. The eruption can happen at any time during the day or night without a regular consecutive rhythm. The volcano has a very dynamic pulse, and for periods of time, goes in a dormant mode or low activity, while sims like get strong to erupt again after that.

Why should I book direct with 2Go Iceland?

When you book directly with us, you gain the following advantages with your reservation included in the price: 1-Walking poles on request
2-Bottle of Icelandic glacier water
3-Energy bar
4-Energy gel
5-The possibility to reschedule free of charge to a new date or time based on the lava flow and volcano activity
6-Repeat the experience for free based on availability