What's the volcano's name?

Currently, the volcano, or best to say "volcanic eruption" has no name but is well know as Fagradalsfjall or Geldindadalir. Fagradalsfjall is the mountain around the main eruption site, and Geldingadalir is the valley or area where the main eruption started. Online appears either as Fagradalsfjall or Geldingadalir.

Can children hike towards the volcano?

The hike can be easy to moderate and many have taken their kids to the site. Parents know their kids the best and evaluate if their kids can and will be willing to hike. When we have children on our tours, we focus on the lava field rather than doing a more challenging hike. But of course, if the children are used to doing hikes with their parents, this will not be difficult.

Can I get discounts if we are a group?

Yes. For large groups over 7 persons please contact us for a discount code.

Can I book other tours with 2Go Iceland?

Yes, at 2Go Iceland Travel we run our signature tours.
If you want to have a better experience during your trip to Iceland and prompt customer service, you can contact us for a tour or custom package.

How long is the hike to Fagradalsfjall Volcano

The tour can be from 3 to 4 hours and takes you closer to the crater through Langihryggur, Merardalir, or Geldingadalur. The hike to the crater can take from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on your fitness and stamina.

Can I use a bathroom while on tour?

At the moment there are no facilities near the hiking site or the eruption. Before the tour, we can use the facilities in Grindavik and then going on the hike. There are mobile toilets before the hike, but since these are overuse, we do not recommend using them unless extremely necessary.

What's your cancelation policy for the Volcano Tour?

Do you offer transfers, or should we meet on location?

You will have the option to add on the transfer from Reykjavik or the Keflavik area when filling the booking form.
You also can select to meet on location if you are self-driving.

Can you pick me up at the airport?

Yes, you can select the pickup option and send us the flight information in the comments box.
We can pick you up at Keflavik Airport if your tour is scheduled after arrival, and after the tour, we will drop you off at your selected accommodation.

What should we wear on this tour?

Hiking essentials in Iceland during the winter

  • Base Layer: long-sleeved top.
  • Insulating layer: warm sweater.
  • Outer layer: shell coat.
  • Waterproof Pants (the weather can change rapidly).
  • Merino Wool Hat.
  • Merino wool socks.
  • Comfortable Hiking Boots or good walking shoes
  • Lightweight Backpack.

Self-drive vs. tour with transfers

Self-Drive | Meet on location With this option, you will self-drive to our meeting location in Grindavik, 10 minutes from the hiking trail. You will follow our guide to the correct parking before starting the hike. With transfers With this option, you also book a round transfer to the volcano. We will pick you up at your accommodation and drive to the volcano trail to meet your local guide. After the tour, we will go back to your hotel. Also possible to pick up and drop off at Keflavik International Airport.


From Volcano Chaser Marco di Marco 🟡 UPDATE ON THE EARTHQUAKE SWARM AT FAGRADALSFJALL - FLIGHT COLOUR CODE DOWNGRADED TO YELLOW - 07/01 h: 22:10 🟡 • According to the latest data, as reported by Veðurstofa, since the 28th of December no deformation has been detected, with both GPS stations and InSAR images. Models indicate that the magma intrusion is smaller than the intrusion developed before the eruption started in March. The volume has been estimated in 18 million cubic meters and the upper part of the intrusion stopped just 1.5 km below the surface. • "Scientists have pointed out a comparison between the activity at Fagradalsfjall and the activity seen in Kröfluelduar (Krafla fires)" says Michelle Parks, Specialist in Volcano Deformation at Veðurstofa, "In the Krafla fires, about half of the magma intrusions ended with an eruption and the other did not and we could see examples of similar activity at Fagradalsfjall" [in Kröfluelduar, between 1975 and 1984, just 9 intrusion reachead the surface out of 20 rifting events, ed.]. "It depends on how big the magma intrusions are and how shallow they get", says Michelle. • Due to the last data, Veðurstofa has downgraded the flight color code to yellow. Scientists will continue to monitor the area closely anyway. The pic shows the probable location of the new magma intrusion (red line) compared to the one that developed in February-March 2021 (black line). Orange circles represent earthquakes that have been measured from December 21st. Green circles are the earthquakes that have been measured from February 24th to December 21st.
Pic credit: © Veðurstofa Íslands.

Can I request a custom time?

Yes. If you need a custom pick up time, or departure we can accommodate that upon request. Just select the right option (self-driver or pick up), and we will change the time after booking. For example, if you arrive in an early flight, we can start earlier the hike.