Frequently Asked Questions

Information about the hike to Fagradalsfjall-Meradalir Volcano - Path A and Path C

If you choose the shorter hike - The fagradalsfjall volcano hike from 2021

  • This is the most popular and suitable for everyone, including seniors with average fitness and families with kids visiting the volcano.

  • We take path C by Langihryggur, about 4 km long (one way), where you can see the front of the crater.

  • We may detour around the lava field to see more, away from the main trail.

  • Total time can be from 3 to 4 hours, depending on your pace.

  • Each way takes about a 30-45 min hike depending on your speed.

  • It is doable for most people to view the volcano site from a safe distance.

  • The hike is about 7 km to 8 km in total (4.9 miles).

  • Elevation about 300 meters (984 ft).

  • For this hike, we provide walking poles.

  • Our guides use a portable gas meter to measure the air quality during the tour.

  • A gas mask will be available if needed.

⚠️ Please note that our guide may alter the tour and path based on your pace and stamina.


If you choose the longer hike - Meradalir's new eruption site from 2022

  • The path is fixed, but the terrain and elevation are still challenging.

  • On this hike, we may have challenging terrain with gravel, lava fields, uneven ground, and steep hills.

  • We may detour around the lava field to see more, away from the main trail.

  • The hike takes up to 5 to 6 hours using Path A, including the on-site time.

  • The hiking takes about one and a half hours to reach the newest volcanic eruption site and lava valley (average pace).

  • Depending on the starting point (parking), this hike can be from 10 to 16 km. Parking #2 will add extra time and distance as we need to reach the main trail. Sometimes we cannot choose the parking, as it will depend on the availability at the time.

  • This hike needs good fitness and stamina to reach the lava flow.

  • Elevation about 300 meters (984 ft).

  • Good hiking shoes, layering up, and an energy drink are required for this hike.

  • Not suitable for persons with knee issues or back pain.

  • For the day hike, we provide walking poles.

  • Our guides use a portable gas meter to measure the air quality during the tour.

  • A gas mask will be available if needed.

⚠️ Please note that our guide may alter the tour and path based on your pace and stamina.

Please note: The volcano is currently "not erupting," and glowing lava should not be expected. Since this area is geo-active, there is always a chance of a new eruption at any time.

If an eruption occurs while you're in Iceland before your scheduled tour with us, we will re-schedule accordingly with you, and if it happens after your scheduled tour, we will notify you to schedule a new tour.

Why should you do Fagradalsfjall - Meradalir vocano tour with 2Go Iceland?

  • We are a top-rated company on Tripadvisor and Viator, with only five stars reviews from previous customers.

  • We live close to the volcano

  • We value your safety over everything else

  • We were the first company to provide tours to this area in March 2021

  • This is a private tour for your family only

  • All of our guides are certified

  • Our guides are locals, mainly from Grindavik and Reykjanesbaer, where the volcano is located.

  • We provide gas masks if needed based on the air pollution

  • We have portable gas detectors to measure the air quality.

  • We provide walking poles

  • We only do the tour if the weather is favorable

  • We have been a registered travel agency in operations since 2012

  • Some of our guides are also part of the rescue team in Iceland (SAR).


When you book with us, you're booking a company that values safety and quality over everything else.


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Is Fagradalsfjall - Meradalir and Geldingardalur the same volcano?
  • The volcano, or "volcanic eruption," is known as Fagradalsfjall, Meradalir, or Geldindadalir/Geldingadalur.

  • Fagradalsfjall and Meradalir are the mountains around the leading eruption site, and Geldingadalir is the valley or area where the primary eruption started in 2021.

  • The current eruption is in the valley Meradalur/Meradalir.

  • Online appears either as Fagradalsfjall, Meradalir or Geldingadalir.

Is Fagradalsfjall - Meradalir Volcano active in 2022?
  • Visiting with a local guide is highly recommended for the most informative and safest volcano experience.

  • A new eruption in Fagradalsfjall - Meradalir volcano started on August 3rd, 2022, after being officially declared over on December 18th, 2021. 

  • The volcano is on an irregular status, and lava glow is not guaranteed. Because the area is still active is always a chance of experiencing a new eruption.

  • Volcanoes are genuinely unpredictable.

Can I do the hike to the volcano Fagradalsfjall - Meradalir at night?

  • Yes, you can, but only when there is a current stable eruption. We will activate the option only when we have a lava flow.

Is safe to hike Fagradalsfjall - Meradalir volcano at night?

  • Yes, our guides are skilled and know the terrain well. We have done tours every day since the first eruption in March 2021. For the nighttime, we will provide headlights, walking sticks, and great moments to remember.

Can I request a custom departure?

  • You will be able to select a time while booking. For the night tour, the time is already set at 6:00 pm for tours with transfers, or 7:00 pm if you will meet us on location.

Can go nearby the new lava flow around Fagradalsfjall - Meradalir volcano?

  • If you book the challenging hike or the night tour, our primary goal is to get you as close as possible, following all the safety guidelines from SAR. 

Is it possible to join others on tour? Do you offer group tours?

  • Unfortunately, all our tours are private, meaning we do not offer group tours. This ensures the highest possible quality and that the guide can focus entirely on the hike.

What's the difference between self-driving tours and transfers?

Self-Drive | Meet on location

  • With this option, you must be able to self-drive to our meeting location in Grindavik, 10 minutes from the hiking trail. You will follow our guide to the correct parking before starting the hike. Information about the meeting point will be available after booking.

With transfers

  • With this option, you also book a round transfer to the volcano. We will pick you up at your accommodation and drive to the volcano trail to meet your local guide. After the tour, we will go back to your hotel.

Are bathrooms available at Fagradalsfjall - Meradalir volcano?

  • We recommend using the facilities in Grindavik before driving to the trail.

Can you pick me up at the airport?

  • Yes. Please send us the information after booking. This option will be confirmed based on availability.

Can I get a drop-off at Blue Lagoon after the tour?

  • Yes. Please send us the request while booking, and we will confirm based on the availability.

What should I wear for the hike to Fagradalsfjall - Meradalir volcano?

We recommend the following hiking essentials: 

  • Base Layer: long-sleeved top

  • Insulating layer: warm sweater

  • Outer layer: shell coat

  • Waterproof Pants (the weather can change rapidly)

  • Merino Wool Hat

  • Merino wool socks

  • Comfortable Hiking Boots or good walking shoes

  • Lightweight Backpack

  • Bottle of water

  • Energy bar or energy drink

What's your cancelation policy for the Volcano Tours?

More information: Terms and conditions

Can I book other tours with 2Go Iceland?

Yes, at 2Go Iceland Travel we run our signature tours.

If you want to have a better experience during your trip to Iceland and prompt customer service, you can contact us for a tour or custom package.