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Frequently Asked Questions and Information


The general public cannot access the newest eruption site, as the local police and civil protection restrict access to this area.

The best and safest way to see the ongoing eruption will be our Private Fagradalsfjall Volcano tour.


Q&A about the volcanic activity on the Reykjanes Peninsula

The specialists at the Icelandic Meteorological Office have created an excellent brief video (released on March 2, 2024) that clearly describes the events occurring on the Reykjanes peninsula and explains why traveling to Iceland remains safe.

Aerial view of the eruption nearby Grindavik and Blue Lagoon in Iceland in February 2024

ℹ️ Given the current volcanic activities, how safe is traveling to Iceland?:

Visiting Iceland is very safe; therefore, the country is a great place to visit for all those fascinated by the phenomena of nature. Iceland is also noteworthy for its readiness for natural adversities, like weather extremes and volcanic activities. This preparedness is a testament to Iceland's resilience and ensures the safety and enjoyment of tourists visiting the country.

The eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull in 2010 and Fagradalsfjall in 2021 are prime examples of Iceland's capability to manage volcanic events. The 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption, despite causing significant disruptions to air travel due to ash clouds, showcased Iceland's efficient crisis management and ability to adapt and ensure safety quickly. Similarly, the eruptions at Fagradalsfjall became a point of interest for tourists worldwide, demonstrating how volcanic activity can be safely accessed and observed, turning these natural events into unique tourist attractions.

It's crucial to address the concern that many international news outlets and media sources may disseminate incorrect or outdated information about Iceland's natural events. This misinformation can lead to unnecessary worry and even the cancellation of trips to Iceland. Travelers should rely on Icelandic news sources and official channels to avoid confusion and stay informed with accurate, up-to-date information.


Read more from official sources in Iceland: – Ríkisútvarpið, Iceland's National Broadcasting Service. – Morgunblaðið, a leading Icelandic newspaper. – A prominent Icelandic news website that offers reliable news in English. – The Icelandic Meteorological Office with essential updates on weather conditions and volcanic activity, serving as a critical resource for travelers.

Air quality information – Check the air quality around Iceland.

Icelandic Road Authority – Road condition and updates.

Government of Iceland – official information from the Icelandic government.

By consulting these sources and a travel agent, travelers can gain a comprehensive understanding of the current situation in Iceland, ensuring they are well informed and prepared for their trip. This approach enables visitors to fully appreciate Iceland's breathtaking landscapes and geological phenomena while ensuring their safety and maximizing their experience in this unique destination.

⚠️ TSA (Tour Safety Assurance):

In the event of an active volcanic eruption, our comprehensive safety and emergency protocol is immediately implemented. This involves our guides utilizing gas meters to assess air quality and assure your safety. Emergency masks are also readily available if the situation demands. We stay constantly vigilant of the safety guidelines issued by the SAAR team (Iceland's Search, Rescue & Injury Prevention Association) and local authorities. Your well-being is our utmost priority.

Please note: As this region is geologically active, the possibility of a new eruption can arise at any moment.

⚠️ Why choose 2Go Iceland Travel for a private volcano tour?

  • At the heart of our operations is your safety. Since the first eruption in 2021, we have rigorously prepared ourselves to meet stringent safety standards for visits to hazardous areas such as Fagradalsfjall, Meradalir, and the recent Little-Hrútur eruption.

  • Our guides are equipped with portable gas meters for monitoring CO2 and SO2 levels, ensuring they know the optimum locations for the highest air quality at all times. Furthermore, we equip our guests with professional 6200-grade gas masks outfitted with acid gas and dust filters. Walking poles are also available upon request, ensuring a safe and enjoyable exploration of these volcanic wonders.

Volcanic Eruption known as the Sundhnúkur 2024 (Restricted area)

The latest volcanic eruption in Iceland, which began on May 29, 2024, is known as the Sundhnúkur eruption. This eruption is part of a series of volcanic events occurring in the Reykjanes Peninsula, near the town of Grindavík. The Sundhnúkur crater row has been particularly active since late 2023, with this being the fifth significant eruption in the area during this period.

This recent eruption has been notable for its vigorous start, featuring some of the highest lava flow rates among the recent eruptions in the region. The lava flows have threatened local infrastructure, prompting evacuations and the construction of defensive walls to protect nearby towns and facilities like the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa.

This eruption is part of a larger volcanic cycle on the Reykjanes Peninsula, which resumed after about 800 years of relative inactivity. The current cycle is expected to continue for several hundred years, with eruptions occurring every few decades.

The best way to see the eruption and new crater is by doing our Fagradalsfjall Volcano Hiking Tour, where we will stop to enjoy the new area formed by the volcanic eruptions.

Watch the live feed from the volcanic eruption.

Volcanic Eruption Near Grindavik, Iceland, (Sandhóll-Hagafell) 2024 (Restricted area)

Volcanic Eruption Unleashes Between Hagafell and Stóra Skógfell Following Seismic Warning

In a dramatic turn of events this evening, a volcanic eruption has started in the region nestled between Hagafell and Stóra Skógfell, mere moments after the Icelandic Meteorological Office raised the alarm.


At precisely 20:22, officials from the Meteorological Office made a stark announcement, highlighting a surge in seismic activities coupled with significant alterations in the landscape. These phenomena hinted at the imminent movement of magma beneath the earth's surface, signaling a heightened eruption risk.

The prophecy of nature's unrest turned into a stark reality just one minute after the warning, marking a critical moment for the area as plumes of smoke and ash now rose into the sky.


Emergency services are on high alert, and nearby residents are urged to stay informed and follow safety instructions closely.

Watch the live feed from the volcanic eruption.

Volcanic Eruption Near Grindavik, Iceland, February 2024 (Restricted area)

On the morning of 8. February 2024, at 5:30, a surge in minor seismic activity was detected northeast of Sýlingarfell. Approximately 30 minutes following this, an eruption commenced in the same vicinity, mirroring the events of December 2023. Initially, the eruption fissure expanded in both northern and southern directions. 

According to the earliest observations from the Coast Guard's aerial reconnaissance, the current eruption is unfolding within the same region as the one on December 18. The fissure spans roughly 3 kilometers, stretching from Sundhnúk in the south to the eastern boundary of Stóra-Skógfell. At present, the lava predominantly flows westward. Comparatively, the volume of lava being expelled seems marginally lower than what was witnessed at the onset of the December 18 eruption.

Eruptive jets have been observed reaching heights between 50 and 80 meters, while the volcanic plume ascends to approximately 3 kilometers. This recent geological activity is a reminder of the dynamic nature of the earth's crust in this area, offering invaluable data for ongoing volcanic research and monitoring efforts. Safety measures and advisories are expected to be updated as the situation evolves, emphasizing the importance of heeding local authorities and geological experts.

Volcanic eruption lava flames from January 2024 taken by RUV news in Iceland

Volcanic Eruption Near Grindavik, Iceland, December 2023 (Restricted area)

A new volcanic eruption started on the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland, marking the fourth eruption in the area in three years. The eruption was preceded by an intense earthquake swarm that began around 9 PM on December 18th, with the largest earthquake in the series, a magnitude 4.2, occurring at 21:03.

Icelandic authorities have declared a state of emergency after hundreds of small earthquakes shook the region, the most populated area of the island, for more than two weeks. The Fagradalsfjall volcano, situated just 10 miles north of the eruption site, has shown signs of potential eruption for several days. Almost 4,000 people were evacuated from a nearby town over the weekend, and residents have only been briefly allowed to return to collect their belongings.

Despite the proximity to the eruption site, Keflavik International Airport, Iceland's main international airport, remains open, with flights arriving and departing as usual. The Civil Protection Agency has noted a magma corridor stretching 15 kilometers from just northwest of Grindavik, the evacuated fishing town, out into the Atlantic Ocean, indicating a significant likelihood of a volcanic eruption in the coming days.

Visitors are advised to follow local authorities' directions and guidance and avoid the town of Grindavik and its surrounding areas. However, no 'no-go' travel warning has been issued for Iceland, and airlines and holiday companies continue to operate as usual.

Click to watch the live videos.

Location and Details:
- The eruption is located on the Reykjanes Peninsula by the Sundhnúksgígar, about 4 km north of Grindavík town.
- The event was preceded by an intense earthquake swarm that began around 9 PM. The largest quake in this series was recorded at a magnitude of 4.2, occurring at 21:03.
- Seismic activities have been ongoing and are primarily confined to the dike north of Grindavík.

Volcanologist Insights:
- Þorvald Þórðarson, a prominent volcanologist, has remarked on the severity of the eruption. Given its location and characteristics, he noted that the Hagafell eruption could be a worst-case scenario.
- The eruption features super-high magma plumes, with estimates suggesting they could reach up to 150 meters in height. Such activity indicates a rapid and robust flow of lava from the crater.

Impact and Implications:
The eruption on the Reykjanes Peninsula, particularly in the proximity of Grindavík, underscores the geological volatility of the region. It serves as a reminder of Iceland's unique position atop a highly active volcanic and seismic zone. This event offers valuable data and insights for geological and volcanic research, contributing to a deeper understanding of the area's seismic activities and volcanic behavior.

Grindavík Iceland Volcanic Eruption end date:

The recent volcanic eruption near Grindavik, Iceland, which began on December 18th, 2023, was officially over on December 21st, 2023. This eruption was part of the activity in the Reykjanes peninsula and was notable for its swift conclusion. While initially powerful, the volcanic activity quickly subsided, leading to the declaration of the end of the eruption within a few days. 

Litli-Hrútur new volcano eruption tour 2023 (This tour is NOT available)

While this tour is unavailable as the volcano is inactive, we recommend the Fagradalsfjall trail as an excellent alternative, especially for families and leisurely hikers. However, if you're keen on pursuing this specific hike, please get in touch with us to inquire about its potential availability.


  • Our guides utilize portable gas detectors for enhanced safety.

  • Professional 6200 gas masks with carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and particle filters are available. 

  • This is a hike that ranges from moderate to challenging.

  • The entire trek is approximately 17km (or 10.5 miles). This information may change.

  • This is an entirely private experience with only your family.

  • The hike can take over 5 hours at an average pace.

  • You'll have the opportunity to view the flowing lava. Depending on safety conditions, this could be from a closer vantage point or a safe distance.

  • We offer the option of pick-up or meeting us on location.

  • The guide will tailor the tour to your pace and preferences.

  • We offer hiking poles for your safety.

  • Some hills are expected on this hike, based on the lava flow and conditions.

  • Please note that these details might vary depending on daily lava flow changes and terrain modifications.

  • As we may detour, the hike time can vary depending on the gas pollution.

Litli-Hrútur volcanic eruption map and location

Meradalir or Geldingadalur volcano eruption in Iceland 2022 (This tour is NOT available)

  • While this tour is unavailable, we recommend the Fagradalsfjall trail as an excellent alternative, especially for families and leisurely hikers. However, if you're keen on pursuing this specific hike, please contact us to inquire about its potential availability

Meradalir volcanoc eruption in Iceland, Map and location

Fagradalsfjall volcano eruption tour in Iceland 2021 (This tour is available)

  • Moderate hike. About a 3 to 4-hour tour (Based on your pace).

  • Each way, the hike can take 45 minutes to over an hour, depending on individual speed and endurance, and traverses an elevation of about 300 meters (approximately 984 ft) and 8 km (around 4.9 miles).

  • This is the most popular and suitable for everyone, including seniors with average fitness and families with children.

  • A fully private experience with your family only.

  • This hike is to Fagradalsfjall 2021 eruption crater, about an hour's walk each way based on an average pace.

  • Pick-up is available, or meet us on location.

  • The guide will follow your pace and custom the tour for you.

  • We provide hiking poles if needed.

  • We provide crampons during the winter if needed.

  • ⚠️ Please note that our guide may alter the tour and path based on your pace and stamina.

Fagradalsfjall volcanoc eruption in Iceland, map and location

Why choose 2Go Iceland Travel for your Volcano Hiking Tour in Iceland? Here are compelling reasons to entrust us with your adventure:

  • Our reputation precedes us: We're a top-rated company on TripAdvisor, Google, and Viator, boasting a plethora of five-star reviews from previous clients.

  • Proximity: We reside near the volcano, familiarizing us with its moods and behaviors.

  • Safety first: Your safety is essential to us, guiding all our decisions.

  • Pioneers: We pioneered tours to this region as early as March 2021, with the first volcanic eruption in Fagradallsfjall Volcano.

  • Exclusivity: Our tour is private, catering only to your family.

  • Qualified guides: All our guides hold certifications, guaranteeing expertise and safety.

  • Local knowledge: Our guides, primarily from Grindavik and Reykjanesbaer, possess intimate knowledge of the region where the volcano is situated.

  • Safety equipment: We provide gas masks if the air quality necessitates it during an active eruption.

  • Monitoring: We utilize portable gas detectors to assess air quality during active eruptions constantly.

  • Supportive equipment: We supply walking poles for all our tours to ensure your comfort.

  • Favorable conditions: We only embark on the tour if the weather conditions and safety are suitable.

  • Experience: We have operated as a registered travel agency since 2012.

  • Extra protection: Some of our guides double as members of the Icelandic Search and Rescue Team (SAR).


By choosing us, you're opting for a company that places the utmost importance on your safety and delivers top-notch experiences.


Check our reviews here.

Standing by Litli-Hrútur volcano eruption in Iceland 2023

What types of gases are released during a volcanic eruption, and how can we safeguard ourselves when in close proximity?

Volcanic eruptions release several types of gases into the atmosphere, primarily water vapor (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2), and sulfur dioxide (SO2). Additionally, eruptions can emit smaller amounts of gases like hydrogen sulfide (H2S), hydrogen chloride (HCl), hydrogen fluoride (HF), and various volatile metal chlorides.

These gases can harm humans, especially sulfur dioxide, which can cause respiratory problems even at low concentrations. Volcanic gases can also create acid rain and vog (volcanic smog), which can have health, environmental, and agricultural effects.

To protect yourself near an erupting volcano, consider the following:

1. Use proper respiratory equipment: Use a gas mask or respirator to filter out the tiny particles in volcanic ash and gases. Regular dust masks or cloth coverings are not enough.

2. Wear eye protection: Volcanic gases can cause eye irritation, so wearing goggles can provide protection.

3. Cover your skin: Wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and gloves to protect your skin from irritation caused by volcanic ash.

4. Stay Upwind: If possible, stay upwind of the volcano, as winds will carry the gases and ash away from you.

5. Listen to local authorities and guides: They will have the most up-to-date information about the volcano's activity, gas levels, and safety recommendations.

Remember that visiting an active volcano should always be done under the guidance of experienced tour operators or guides familiar with the safety precautions and local conditions. They will typically provide necessary safety equipment for such tours.

types of gases are released during a volcanic eruption in Iceland

Does Fagradalsfjall, Meradalir, Geldingardalur, and Litli-Hrútur refer to the same volcanic area?

Fagradalsfjall, Meradalir, and Geldingadalir/Geldingadalur often refer to the same volcanic eruption site, albeit with different aspects.

Fagradalsfjall and Meradalir designate the mountains surrounding the principal eruption site, whereas Geldingadalir indicates the valley where the eruption initially ignited in 2021.

Presently, the eruption is taking place in the Meradalur/Meradalir Valley. Hence, you might encounter any of these names, Fagradalsfjall, Meradalir, or Geldingadalir, referring to this site in various online sources.

The most recent eruption is located nearby Litli-Hrútur, and accessing the main crater viewpoint in the area takes over 5 hours of hiking in total.

Fagradalsfjall, Meradalir, Geldingadalur, and Litli-Hrútur volcano map

Is Fagradalsfjall - or other volcanoes in Iceland active in 2024?

The Reykjanes Peninsula area has seen an uptick in seismic activity, leading local authorities to elevate the alarm level to orange. This status signifies that an eruption could potentially occur at any moment. For the safest and most informative experience, we highly recommend visiting with a local guide. Volcanic behavior is indeed unpredictable by nature.

Is safe to hike to the volcanic eruptions at night?

Indeed, hiking at night is safe with our experienced guides, who are well-acquainted with the terrain. We've been conducting tours daily since the initial eruption in March 2021. We supply headlights, walking sticks, and unforgettable experiences for night excursions. This option is only available when the conditions are safe to perform the tour and we have the green light from Civil Protection. 

Can I request a custom departure for the private hiking tour to Fagradalsfjall or any other volcano tour?

You will be able to select a time while booking. For the night tour (if available), the time is already set based on the daylight.

Is it possible to join others on tour? Do you offer group tours for Fagradalsfjall or any other volcano tours?

While we understand the appeal of group tours, we currently only provide private tours. This decision is rooted in our commitment to providing the highest quality service, allowing our guide to devote their full attention to you and your unique needs.

What's the difference between self-driving tours and transfers?

Self-Drive | Meet on location

With this option, you must be able to self-drive to our meeting location in Grindavik, 10 minutes from the hiking trail. You will follow our guide to the correct parking before starting the hike. Information about the meeting point will be available after booking.

With transfers

With this option, you also book a round transfer to the volcano. We will pick you up at your accommodation and drive to the volcano trail to meet your local guide. After the tour, we will go back to your hotel.

Are bathrooms available at Fagradalsfjall or any other volcanic area?

We recommend using the facilities before leaving the city. Basic facilities are available before the hike in some areas, but they may be not available at the time of your tour.

Can you pick me up at the airport?

Yes, we can! Please send us the information while booking and write it down in the comment box. This option will be confirmed based on availability and is only available for direct bookings, not third-party bookings.

Can I get a drop-off at Blue Lagoon or Sky Lagoon after the tour to Fagradalsfjall volcano?

Yes, we can! Please send us the information while booking and write it down in the comment box. This option will be confirmed based on availability and is only available for direct bookings, not third-party bookings.

What should I wear for the hike to Fagradalsfjall or any other volcano tour?

We recommend the following hiking essentials: 

  • Base Layer: long-sleeved top

  • Insulating layer: warm sweater

  • Outer layer: shell coat

  • Waterproof Pants (the weather can change rapidly)

  • Merino Wool Hat

  • Merino wool socks

  • Comfortable Hiking Boots or good walking shoes

  • Lightweight Backpack

  • Bottle of water

  • Energy bar or energy drink

What's the cancelation policy for the volcano tours?

More information about our cancelation policy here: Terms and conditions

Can I book other tours with 2Go Iceland?

You can book additional adventures with 2Go Iceland Travel. We offer a variety of signature tours designed to give you the best experience during your Icelandic adventure. If you desire personalized and quick customer service or need a customized package, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're always here to ensure your travel dreams become a reality.

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