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We do all the work, so you don't have to!

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2Go Iceland Travel is a family-owned company focused on flexibility and a rewarding experience.

We have been on a mission to share Iceland with the world for over a decade. As travel advisors, guides, and adventurers, we have crafted how we work to provide you with an exceptional resource for your journey to elevate your travel from ordinary to one-of-a-kind.

Our Certified Travel Team operates with a Real Life philosophy that goes beyond simply selling trips: we’ll help you plan and book, guiding you through every step.

From the moment you contact us until your last minute in Iceland, we take the responsibility of being your travel advocate very seriously.

2Go Iceland Travel offers curated tours, day tours, and multi-day excursions around Iceland. We are passionate about Iceland; therefore, we ensure that every trip is a memorable experience for our clients.

We are about you, your journey, and Iceland. Travel the way you want with our unique tailor-made excursions. We will help you create a safe and hassle-free trip full of unforgettable experiences.

When we aren’t busy improving our tours, we seek to discover the hidden wonders of Iceland.

The only thing more magical than Iceland is the journey to it. Imagine traveling in style under the spell of Geysir as you soak up the silence of the mountains.

Haffi, 2Go Iceland guide with happy guests during the Reykjanes Peninsula Private Tour.web
Carlos-2Go Iceland Travel Owner.jpg


Travel Designer | Owner

As the enterprise's proprietor, Carlos is committed to converting your aspirations into tangible experiences. He possesses an acute understanding of the integral role that customer satisfaction plays in the prosperity of his business, thereby ensuring a professional, dedicated, and personalized service tailored to your specific needs.

Gudni K, 2Go Iceland Senior guide.jpg


Senior Tour Guide

Gudni, an extensively traveled professional, brings a rich repository of experience in the tourism industry. As a seasoned tour guide, he enhances your journey by providing expert insights that amplify the enjoyment of your sightseeing, retail, and gastronomic experiences. His profound knowledge, derived from his vast experiences, ensures an enriching and comprehensive travel experience.

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