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We want to offer exceptional private & luxury tours in Iceland at great competitive prices. For that reason, we have a selection of tours that can be customized for each traveler to meet all the expectations and unique requirements.

Our prices are dynamic based on your travel plans and using your desired budget to build your dream vacation. From a private tour in an SUV or Super Jeep to a Luxury Tour in your own helicopter having a great dinner in an isolated Island watching the Northern Lights or even Whale Watching in Husavík, north of Iceland, all your demands and dreams will have a personal touch.


We also arrange accommodations and self-drive itineraries if you feel more like "Walter Mitty" and want to hit our beautiful Icelandic highway.

With our tours, you can select from a large to a medium or luxury vehicle, many add-on activities, or multi-day excursions. 

Contact us for a quick quote, or ideas to build your private tour.



Your safety is our top priority. All our private tours have been modified to ensure your protection during COVID-19. During the "new normality," we understand how important is to maintain social distancing and follow all the health guidelines while traveling. Our private tours are a perfect option to travel around Iceland in a secure way, and with a lot of measures, we strive to ensure the health and well-being of both tourists and our staff.


For further information on the COVID-19, please visit here.

2Go Iceland | Private Tours | The Golden Circle Plus

The Golden Circle Plus

Duration: 7-8 hours FLEX

Visit the most important sights, waterfalls, geysers, and the National Park, but also we included the crater Kerid on this tour.

Private driver-guide + car

2Go Iceland | Private Tours | Golden Circle & Secret Lagoon

Golden Circle & Secret Lagoon

Duration: + 10 hours FLEX

The best way to mix adventure and wellness. Submerge yourself on the hot spring waters from Secret Lagoon. 

Private driver-guide + car

2Go Iceland | Private Tours | The Magnificent South Coast

The magnificent South Coast 

Duration: +10 hours FLEX

Discover hidden waterfalls, black beaches, caves of basalt, glacier views, and a unique landscape like no other.

Private driver-guide + car

2Go Iceland | Private Tours | South Coast and Glacier Walk

South Coast and Glacier Walk

Duration: 11 hours FLEX

This is the perfect tour to cover the wonders of the South Coast, and also add on a glacier walk activity.

Private driver-guide + car

2Go Iceland | Private Tours | Jokulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

Jokulsárlón Glacier Lagoon 

Duration: + 14 hours (Long day)

Take the inner-adventurer on you, and go over the frontiers of the South Coast until the Glacier Lagoon.  

Private driver-guide + car

2Go Iceland | Private Tours | Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Snaefellsnes Peninsula 

Duration: +10 hours FLEX

Follow the paths of "Walter Mitty", and discover the landscape that inspired Jules Verne on his great Voyager.

Private driver-guide + car

2Go Iceland | Private Tours | West-Husafell wonders

West-Husafell wonders

Duration: 8 hours FLEX

Closer to Husafell, we will encounter lava rocks waterfalls, geothermal baths, hot springs, and much more. 

Private driver-guide + car

2Go Iceland | Private Tours | The Reykjanes Peninsula

The Reykjanes Peninsula

Duration: + 4 hours FLEXIBLE

Have you ever heard about visiting 2 continents in one minute?.

This is the tour you need to do it.

Private driver-guide + car

2Go Iceland | Private Tours | North of Iceland & Husavik

North of Iceland & Husavík 

Duration: +14 hours (air travel)

This is the closest way to get to the moon or mars. Experience a totally unique place, like no others around the country.

Package for 2 persons: