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Experience an Unforgettable
Day of Adventure in Iceland

Tour the Fagradalsfjall Volcano, FlyOver Iceland's Virtual 4D & Relax at the Sky Lagoon Reykjavik!

Are you ready for the ultimate adventure in Iceland?


Discover the four elements with our day packs and discover why this volcanic nation is famed for its geothermal wonders! Hike to Fagradalsfjall Volcano, where a new eruption occurred in March 2021.


Then, enjoy a virtual 4D experience with FlyOver Iceland in Reykjavík to take in the breathtaking views from above. Last, but not least, relax in the geothermal water at the Sky Lagoon Reykjavik and indulge in the seven rituals to soothe your body and mind.


Families traveling with children under 12 will experience the Blue Lagoon instead. Don't miss out on your dream vacation in this enchanting country.


Please note

Families traveling with children under 12 will be changed to the Blue Lagoon experience.

We recommend our essential package here if you are looking for a vacation package in Iceland.

Have questions?

Call us, and we can talk. 


From the USA

📞 1 (323) 686 3301

From Europe

 📞 +354 822 5292



ADULTS +12yo





Minimum 2 adults (12+)

Children under 102 cm | 40“ are not allowed to the FlyOver Experience.

Close up view of cracked lava crust or ingenious rock and steam, cooled down from 2021 eru



Also possible to vary the order.

Duration: Day Tour (Flexible timing)

This day is to hike around the Fagradalsfjall eruption site.

Places to visit:

  • Fagradalsfjall & Geldingadalir Volcanic Eruption


After the hike, transfer back to Reykjavík to the next activities.


  • Transfer to FlyOver Iceland

  • Transfer to the Sky Lagoon Geothermal Baths

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Sky Lagoon iceland.webp


This virtual experience takes you on an astonishing aerial flight across Iceland.


Special effects, including wind, mist, and scents, combine with the ride’s motion to create an unforgettable reality.


Using state-of-the-art technology, FlyOver dangles you above a 20-meter spherical screen.


You’ll have a bird's eye view of stunning mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, and volcanoes in Iceland.

Sky_Lagoon 04.jpg


Located just minutes from downtown Reykjavík, the Sky Lagoon Thermal Spa is about that Icelandic feeling of warmth and wonder.


Immerse yourself in a warm geothermal lagoon with a magnificent view of the North Atlantic Ocean and the newest Volcano Fagradalsfjall.


Above, glowing sunsets and stormy skies dazzle, and during the winter the dancing Northern Lights put on a stunning all-natural show.

Discover the 7-Step Ritual, to relax your mind, body, and Soul with this ultimate experience. 


  • Private Fagradalsfjall Volcano Tour

  • Transportation in a minivan or SUV

  • Activities described in this program

  • Paperless travel itinerary

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Transfer to the Flyover Iceland with admission

  • Drop-off at the Sky Lagoon Ticket including Pure Package

  • Taxes and service fees


  • Beverages, snacks, lunches, dinners unless otherwise noted in your itinerary

  • Transfer after the Sky Lagoon experience


  • Families with children under 12 years old will change to the Blue Lagoon experience and the program will start with the FlyOver Iceland, hike, and geothermal baths.

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