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Iceland Travel Packages. Discover the best of Iceland with private tours. 2Go Iceland Travel.


Looking for travel packages and multi-day tours in Iceland? Look no further!

Our travel packages are customizable to fit your needs. You can add activities, extend the number of days, and choose additional services that suit you. The cost of the package depends on the size of the vehicle and is charged per group or car rather than per person.


For an all-inclusive experience, we offer travel packages that cover everything you need for the ultimate Icelandic adventure. These packages include accommodation, ground transportation, expert guides, and meals. They may also offer services like private airport pickups, rental cars, special excursions, and more.


Whether you opt for a multi-day tour or an all-inclusive travel package, you will have a magical experience in Iceland. You'll never be bored with plenty of breathtaking sights, activities, experiences, and cultural attractions to explore. Additionally, you'll be able to immerse yourself in the country's unique culture, traditions, and nature.


If you want to experience the majestic country of Iceland, multi-day tours and travel packages are excellent options. With countless scenic landscapes, gorgeous vistas, and diverse activities, there's something for everyone in this unique destination.


Whether you choose a dedicated tour or one that includes accommodation, you can expect to experience the best of what Iceland has to offer. On multi-day tours, you will get the chance to explore different regions of the country. Visit popular areas such as Reykjavík, the northern towns of Akureyri and Siglufjörður, and the Vatnajökull National Park.


Get up close to spectacular glaciers and witness the many geological forces. With a full itinerary for every day, these tours will include experiences like glacier hiking, northern lights hunting, whale watching, and horseback riding. Most tours also offer an even greater range of optional activities for visitors, such as visiting geothermal pools, exploring local villages, visiting historic sites, and much more.

Sky Lagoon in Iceland. Iceland Travel Packages.

One Day Combo

Become an adventurer, and enjoy a full day of activities including Fagradalsfjall Volcano Hike, Sky Lagoon, and FlyOver Iceland experience.

Aurora Borealis or better known as the The Northern Light in Golden Circle, Iceland_edited

Essential Iceland

3 full days of private tours, including Golden Circle, South Coast, and Reykjanes Peninsula.


Explorer on the icelandic tour, traveling across iceland discovering natural destinations_Iceland Travel Packages



Endless options to tailor-made your experience in Iceland. Contact us for a quotation and a custom vacation plan.

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