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Night view of the 2024 eruption in Grindavik town, photo by Haffi from 2Go Iceland

 Grindavík: Iceland's Fiery Backyard 

 Volcanic Tour: Sightseeing in Grindavik & Reykjanes Peninsula 



Per person


  • Authorized access to Grindavik town (currently restricted to the general public).

  • Transportation in a licensed vehicle.

  • Lunch buffet in Grindavik (Salad bar, local soup, fish, meat, coffee, and tea).

  • Guided driving tour around the Grindavik's (only open and marked safe areas).

  • Visit parts of Fagradalsfjall eruption - Nátthagi lava field.

  • Visit Seltún Geothermal Area.

  • Small-group only. Limit of 6 participants. 


  • Duration: 5 hours

  • Pick-up in Reykjavík: Bus Stop #6 - Safnahúsið The Culture House.

  • Language: Our local guides speak fluent English. 

  • Small-group: Maximum of 6 persons on the tour.

  • Please note: This tour is on request only due to safety procedures.

Overview of the lava field in Grindavik, eruption 2024, photo by Haffi from 2Go Iceland


Prepare for an experience that's not just a tour but a journey into the heart of Iceland's fiery nature.

ℹ️ Starting time

Pick up at 10:00 from Reykjavik City / Bus Stop #6 - Safnahúsið The Culture House.

  • ℹ️ Drive to Grindavik, "The Hot Zone," a restricted town due to ongoing volcanic activity and the closest to the new eruptions in Iceland. We'll have lunch in the town at a local establishment and, afterward, drive through the designated safety zones to witness the fissures, destruction, and raw power of nature resulting from recent eruptions. Grindavik was evacuated in November 2023 due to persistent volcanic threats, necessitating the relocation of its residents.

  • ℹ️ Following our visit to Grindavik, our journey leads us to the Fagradalsfjall Volcano site. Here, we will explore the Nátthagi area, where the solidified lava from the 2021 eruption has sculpted a vast lava valley. The area around Náttagi showcases the petrified lava that created an extensive and dramatic lava valley, highlighting the powerful and transformative force of volcanic activity in Iceland. This makes it a significant point of interest for visitors wanting to witness the aftermath of a recent volcanic eruption and the natural beauty of Iceland's rugged terrain.

  • ℹ️ On our return trip, we'll make a final stop at the Seltún geothermal area within the Reykjanes Geopark to explore this extraordinary geological site.


⚠️ Please be aware that participating in this tour supports the local businesses operating in Grindavik.


We strictly adhere to safety protocols, equipping ourselves with gas masks, gas meters, and walking poles for your protection if needed. 

Our company strictly follows the safety protocols, ensuring all necessary information is relayed to the security personnel upon entry into the restricted area. This excursion is not designed to be a walking tour of the town, as that would violate local police and civil protection guidelines. Instead, we conducted the tour by vehicle, using only open roads. To maintain rigorous oversight, we limit the group size to a maximum of six individuals and require confirmation after receiving a booking request. This initiative aims to bolster local guides and small businesses in Grindavik town while fully complying with all existing regulations.

⛔️ IMPORTANT: Please be aware that this tour does not include a visit to the active volcano crater. We will enter a hazard zone and adhere to all safety guidelines from civil protection and local police authorities. By joining this tour, you agree to follow our guidance and instructions strictly and will not attempt to approach any ongoing eruptions independently. Failure to comply with these rules could lead to fines or injuries. Volcanic eruptions are inherently unpredictable and can vary significantly. The photographs provided are for reference only. The visibility of any volcanic eruption during a tour depends on current weather conditions and the state of the volcano. Please note that the ability to view an eruption is not guaranteed.


  • 24/7 customer service

  • We are the official tour supplier

  • Best price guarantee 

  • Our guides are fully licensed

  • Comfortable vehicles

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