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Our private tours to Fagradalsfjall-Geldingadalur volcano are suitable for everyone, including seniors and families with small kids. 

This tour is only private, and you will have your own guide during the excursion.


Our guides will choose the type of hike based on the weather conditions, lava flow activity, and your fitness level. Even when no action can be seen, the eruption is still active. Burning lava can be underneath, and the crater can erupt at any time.

We will visit the volcanic site, walk along the newly formed lava, get closer to the volcanic crater (depending on the weather condition and fitness level), and luckily glowing lava if the volcano is erupting.

The time of the tour will be adjusted if an eruption starts in different areas.

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The journey can be from 3 to 5 hours total and takes you closer to the crater through Langihryggur, Merardalir, or Geldingadalur.


Currently is not possible to predict the eruption when the volcano is not active, and it can take long or short breaks between spurts.


When you book this tour, flexibility is the key, as we may adjust-reschedule based on the weather conditions and the eruption status.


For this tour, we provide you with walking sticks, crampons if necessary, headlights during winter, and offer you energy bars and gel to make this hike more pleasant. 


If at the time of your tour is not a visible eruption, we invite you to join our waiting list for a free tour "on-call only," meaning that we will call you as soon as the outbreak starts, and you need to be ready to join within 2 to 3 hours. Please get in touch with us after your tour if you would like to be on call for the next time with an active eruption.


These measures are for reference only as this area is constantly changing. You should not worry about distances, as your guide will adjust and decide based on your fitness level and stamina.

Based on the lava flow and weather, the hike to the Fagradalsfjall-Geldingadalur volcano can take 30 to 90 minutes each way. When we have a very active eruption filling the lower valley, it is possible to access the lava in about 20 minutes, but we always need to hike up the hill for the crater view.


The easy hike to Fagradalsfjall-Geldingadalur is up to 6.2 miles (10 km) will focus on the lava valley exploration. Based on your fitness level, you will be able to hike to the crater viewpoint (weather permitted). The elevation is about 343m (1125 ft).​


The moderate hike to the volcano area is up to 4.6 miles (7.5 km). This is a short but slightly more challenging hike and requires a better fitness level. The mountain path can be slippery, and walking poles are necessary. This hike covers the viewpoint around the volcano, which gains an elevation of 343m (1125 ft).​


The longer and more challenging hike to Fagradalsfjall-Geldingadalur is up to 7.4 miles (12 km) combines viewpoint and lava valley exploration. This option is for more active hikers with a good fitness level.


We should be prepared for slippery paths during the winter months, and therefore good hiking boots are a must. It is essential wearing warm clothes and layer up, including waterproof outerwear.

We recommend for this hike:

  • Base Layer: long-sleeved top 

  • Insulating layer: warm sweater 

  • Outer layer: shell coat 

  • Waterproof Pants 

  • Merino Wool Hat. 

  • Merino wool socks. 

  • Comfortable Hiking Boots 

  • Lightweight Backpack 

  • Portable dry towel

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Frequently asked questions about the tour and volcano

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  • Average health is required for all the hikes to the Fagradalsfjall-Geldingadalir volcano.

  • This is a private tour, family-friendly, and totally custom only for your party.

  • The walking distance to the volcanic crater at Fagradalsfjall volcano and the length of the tour may change due to the area's lava flow and/ or weather conditions per day.


Please note that this area is constantly changing, and distance, paths, and timing can vary with short notice. This hike is no longer "easy," because we may have freezing days, snow, and rain making difficult for customers without a guide during the winter months. 

Therefore, it is essential to be appropriately dressed, following our recommendations when we confirm the tour.


We cannot guarantee an eruption, as this is a natural phenomenon. We may, however, change the tour schedule if an eruption starts before your scheduled time.

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