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While this tour is unavailable as the volcano is inactive, we recommend the Fagradalsfjall Tour as an excellent alternative, especially for families and leisurely hikers. However, if you're keen on pursuing this specific hike, please contact us to inquire about its potential availability.

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Unforgettable Journey to
Iceland's New Volcanic Eruption in 2023

Why choose us for a private volcano tour?

At the heart of our operations is your safety. Since the first eruption in 2021, we have rigorously prepared ourselves to meet stringent safety standards for visits to hazardous areas such as Fagradalsfjall, Meradalir, and the recent Little-Hrútur eruption.


Our guides are equipped with portable gas meters for monitoring CO2 and SO2 levels, ensuring they know the optimum locations for the highest air quality at all times. Furthermore, we equip our guests with professional 6200-grade gas masks outfitted with acid gas and dust filters. Walking poles are also available, ensuring a safe and enjoyable exploration of these volcanic wonders.


Our private tours are specifically tailored to deliver a unique and personalized experience with your safety and comfort as our top priorities. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a dedicated guide solely committed to your well-being. This attention to detail ensures an unforgettable journey tailored to match your every expectation, all while maintaining the utmost safety measures during your visit to the volcanic eruption site.

​As we adapt to your pace, we aim to safely guide you to the dynamic heart of the eruption, creating opportunities for those breathtaking photos and videos you've been dreaming about.

​We pride ourselves on being early explorers in this region, with seasoned local guides boasting extensive experience, including over a hundred visits to the neighboring sites. Our pioneering spirit led us to be the first company offering tours to Fagradalsfjall Volcano, the inaugural eruption in Reykjanes Peninsula following an 800-year dormancy.

​Our tours place vital importance on safety. From the outset, we focus on delivering an exceptional service enveloped by robust safety measures, prioritizing your security and peace of mind.

A man standing beside the new eruption in Iceland 2023, with 2Go Iceland Travel hiking tou
  • Fully personalized experience conducted at your own pace. No need to rush!

  • Engaging local guide filled with fascinating stories about the eruption.

  • Hiking poles for a comfortable and secure trek.

  • For both options, self-drive and with transfers, the pickup time or meeting time can be changed on request. This option will be available during the booking process.

  • The convenience of pick-up from or drop-off at Keflavik Airport after the tour.

  • Our guides utilize portable gas detectors for enhanced safety.

  • Professional 6200 gas masks are available with carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and particle filters. 

Litli-Hrútur new volcano tour Iceland 2023
Hiking Map from the new volcanic eruption in Iceland 2023, by 2Go Iceland Travel.JPG


  • This is a hike that ranges from moderate to challenging.

  • The entire trek is approximately 17km (or 10.5 miles). This information may change.

  • This is a completely private experience with only your family.

  • The hike can take over 5 hours at an average pace.

  • You'll have the opportunity to view the flowing lava and the crater. Depending on safety conditions, this could be from a closer vantage point or a safe distance.

  • We offer the option of pick-up or meeting us on location.

  • The guide will tailor the tour to your pace and preferences.

  • We offer hiking poles for your safety.

  • Some hills are expected on this hike, based on the lava flow and conditions.

  • Please note that these details might vary depending on daily lava flow changes and terrain modifications.

Litli-Hrutur new volcanic eruption in Iceland 2023 with 2Go Iceland guides on a tour.jpg
Hiking to Litli-Hrutur_new-Volcano_2Go Iceland Travel.jpg


Read the terms and conditions here


Two adults are required to run this private tour. We can do the tour with one person but always need to pay for two seats.


Self-Drive | Meet on location 

With this option, you will self-drive to our meeting location in Grindavik, 10 minutes from the hiking trail. You will follow our guide to the correct parking before starting the hike. The exact place to meet your guide will be received with your voucher.

With transfers | Pickup and dropoff included

With this option, a round transfer to the volcano is included.

We will pick you up at your accommodation and drive to the volcano trail to meet your local guide. After the tour, we will go back to your hotel. 

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions here.

If your date is unavailable, contact us to review the availability.

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