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Reykjavik's Culinary Elite: Five Must-Visit Lunch-Dining Spots

Apotek Kitchen Bar - trendiest and one of the best fine dining spots

1. Apotek Kitchen Bar: Nestled in an optimal location, Apotek blends impeccable service with gastronomic delights. Their culinary mastery is evident in each dish and their cocktail list is second to none. And, if you're seeking a sweet finale to your meal, their desserts are not to be missed.

Oto Restaurant - inspired by the flavors of Japan and Italy

2. Otto Restaurant: Recently gaining prominence after a visit from the renowned Gordon Ramsey, Otto is a revelation in authentic cuisine. Each dish speaks of artistry and passion, complemented by an impressive cocktail selection.

El Faro restaurant - Spanish & Mediterranean

3. El Faro Restaurant (currently closed): Located in Gardur, a stone's throw from Keflavik Airport, El Faro offers a fusion of Spanish culinary tradition. Renowned for its unmatched service and competitive prices, the "berengena dish" comes highly recommended.

Tres Locos - fun and lively Mexican restaurant

4. Tres Locos Restaurant: Experience a slice of Mexico in the heart of Reykjavik. Tres Locos offers genuine Mexican dishes in an ambiance filled with vibrant energy. Their signature drink list is a treat, but the pièce de résistance has to be the skull chocolate fudge.

Shopping, food, wine and culture in a new urban area

5. Hafnatorg Food Hall: Elevating the food hall concept, Hafnatorg is a confluence of quality and variety. The space is immaculately maintained and offers a range of gourmet choices. The Ribeye with fries from Brand Vín & Grill is a crowd-pleaser. And for dessert aficionados, La Trattoria's Tiramisu is a dream.

Each establishment offers a unique perspective on culinary excellence, waiting to be discovered by you.


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